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About Waxsaw Records

Waxsaw Records is an independent alternative rock record label based in Cleveland, Mississippi -the heart of the Mississippi Delta. Waxsaw was originally known as N-Beat Records, founded in Jackson, Mississippi in 1984 by Scott Coopwood. Taking its name from the word “New” and “Beat” to reflect that period in music when "alternative" was really alternative. It was a time when punk rock was dead, heavy metal was in a slump, and new wave was in-between. N-Beat Records was one of the first Southern record companies dedicated to providing an avenue for these alternative bands from the South in which to get their music out to the world.

The significant portion of this "new" sound was given birth to by local southern neighbors and friends, R.E.M. Coopwood started N-Beat by releasing the works of two bands in which he founded and was a member: Perfect Strangers and Yazoo Beach. Albums by other bands based in the Jackson, MS area were later released on the N-Beat imprint. In the mid-nineties when alternative music became mainstream, Coopwood became disappointed in the direction "alternative" music was headed and he closed N-Beat Records. "As we entered the half-way point in the nineties, I stopped hearing respectable alternative rock music," says Coopwood. "There were only a handful of bands at that time that had something to offer and I just saw a huge, creative trend dying. A few years ago, I began hearing another sound, an updated and revitalized alternative rock sound. All of a sudden bands started appearing again that got what song writing was all about. It was as if someone turned on a switch and said, 'It is timeto start releasing material again of substance’. I also saw bands rising up from all over  the South who really had something to offer. This gave me the spark to restart the recordcompany. I saw hope again." The label was restarted in 2007, but renamed, Waxsaw reflecting the name of the area in the Mississippi Delta  where his grandmother was raised. The first release on the Waxsaw label was Coopwood’s new band, Linwood, released April 1, 2008. Other album releases followed. Waxsaw Records has a definite mission: to bring unique music to the world that is creative, energetic, emotional, and perhaps more than anything - honest.